23 Best Robot Movies You Should Watch

Fans of cyborgs, robots, mechs, and androids will definitely find an interesting film for themselves in our selection: the 23 best films about the robotic future of different genres, from action to romantic comedy. In the list, we have included both well-known classics and fresh films. Blade Runner Genre: Drama, Action, ScienceFiction Year: 1982Country: USADirector: Ridley … Read more

Top 20 Popular Interactive Movie Games

Interactive cinema games haven’t been around for a long time, and they don’t have a solidly formed framework. Movie games are video games that develop according to a complex scenario and include entire blocks of videos with animated or live footage. Today, famous actors participate in such projects, and players have a large number of … Read more

How to watch the Marvel movies in order: Timeline

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15 Best Ryan Gosling Movies You Should Watch: eBravo App

The name Ryan Gosling is now on everyone’s lips – this year, the long-awaited film Barbie was released, in which he played one of the main characters. Gosling brilliantly coped with the role of the boyfriend of the famous doll. But this is far from the only film of the Canadian actor that is worth … Read more

From ‘Joker’ to ‘Dune’: 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2024

We have collected the most anticipated novelties of 2024: films by famous directors, sequels to popular franchises, and even a couple of non-obvious “dark horses” that should definitely not be lost from sight against the background of more famous names. The Fall Guy Genre: Action, Thriller, DramaDirector: David LeitchActors: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, … Read more

10 Best Movies About the Meaning of Life: Top Picks

Family, self-knowledge, helping those in need – the meaning of Life is different for everyone. It can change with age, or even depend on the achievement of goals, become irrelevant, and sometimes completely absent. One way or another, the question “What do I live for?” is asked by everyone who has a choice in their … Read more

15 Best-Action Movies of 2024: Top Picks

The action genre is one of the most popular in cinema. Studios around the world annually create dozens of such films, in which stars of the first magnitude and unknown actors are starred. Tough guys who can hit the bull’s eye in case of anything, almost without aiming, and deal with bandits with their fists have always … Read more

TOP 7 Hollywood Movies to Watch on Ebravo

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eBravo Movies 2024 – Watch Hollywood Movies for Free

eBravo Movies - Netflix Streaming

Ebravo eBravo is a free fun app where you can watch and download the newest movies, TV shows, and web series. It has lots of content to watch, like big Hollywood movies, smaller independent films, and popular TV shows. You can also find shows and movies from Pakistan and India on the app. For movie … Read more